Doishu’s Tale of the World of Light

~A message from the school in the after world~


A documentary film produced,filmd,edited by Norio Ogikubo.

Appearing in the film :Mr.Doishu

2015 / Japan / 69minutes / color    Copyright:KUMANEKODO



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Mr. Doishu is the only one to appear in this documentary film and it is entirely focused on him and his experiences.


To evolve. To harmonize, and let go of the ego. To be grateful.

Now is the time to remember why we all live on the earth to recall “Gratification and Pleasure to genuinely live truly to yourself, family bond with unconditional love, and precious value of life.

This documentary contains many striking messages. (Doishu)



He was a boy who could see the aura.

When he was in the 6th grade, his little sister who died in their mother’s womb would come to visit him.

None of his family or his friend could see or feel the existence of his sister as he could.

He certainly enjoyed his unique connection with his sister. She would suddenly show up to hold his hand or to laugh together, or to watch television together – a sister who no one else could see.

During the summer of 8th grade, his sister took him to visit the World of Light.

He said in his memories that it felt more like going on a short day trip, rather than having a near-death experience caused by major illnesses or serious injuries.

When you hear the phrase “World of Light,” you may imagine a scary place. But in reality, he shares an image that is the very gorgeous, dazzling, joyous, and overall a blissful world.

What is Mr. Doishu trying to tell us all from the message relayed to him from the World of Light?